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Well, I found friends for you who will guide you through the year. They are friends of mine too,so let me tell you about them.

First: they are quite shy at the beginning but as the longer you care for them the more they will become familiar. If you give them every day your attention they might dare to appear out of the darkness.
.. Secondly, they are very hungry, you shall feed them daily with a bit of an advice: they do adore lines ;-)

The third and most important thing about them is: they will make you aware of the passing of time, and honestly, do you already have friends who daily remind you of that? Now you know why everyone should have such friends!
Pencil, numbers, tracing, mind-mapping
Chunky, chubby pencil, performing as a rich and intensely white coloring tool, watercolor and wax crayon.
Hand-made, dotted numbers to discover and understand.
Tick deep black printed paper.
Connect the numbers every day using the pencil.

Add notes and meetings, personalize with colors or special signs. 
Personalize-it and color-it
At the end of each month, one of the twelve of Gregory's friends takes shape through the line. More over, you can personify and colour your calendar with the pencils you have at home.
Gregory is an excellent way of playing with your children. Indeed it stimulates their creativity and imagination.
They can discover the world of numbers amusingly, they can develop their physical abilities as well as their concentration. Finally it stimulates the perception of time. 
Quick view
interactive calendar
playful and amusing
for children and adults
format A3 (30 x 42 cm)
12 illustrations to draw
white pencil included
color it at the end of the month
create your gallery
customizable with notes
mindmapping it
add post-it
playful and different
give a touch of happiness
let deal with time differently
discover the numbers
developpe motricity
stimulate creativity
express personality